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Purpose Built Solutions

Organics USA provides advanced bespoke process technology control emissions from contaminating sources such as biogas from landfill sites or anaerobic digestion plants or to generate renewable energy.  Our technology has been proven under the most exacting conditions, ensuring that our clients will not only meet their environmental obligations but also protect their profit margins.  

Engineering our Environment


We supply Refuse Derived Fuel to energy-intensive industries by processing municipal waste into a competitively priced alternative to fossil fuel.


Large scale anaerobic digestion can be carried out on many types of organic substrate, from dairy manure to organic wastewater from many industries.


Renewable energy is beginning to take over. Many countries around the world are now in a position to generate much of their base-load requirements using alternatives to fossil fuel.


Wastewater often contains high levels of ammonia, a substance that is toxic to the environment. Using our patented system, ammonia can be separated and recovered for reuse.


Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, strongly smelling gas that can be both toxic to human health and corrosive to unprotected machinery. Biological treatment options for H2S have proven their resilience in the most difficult of situations.


Like bees around honey, our name attracts people interested in organic products and shopping. We have therefore created a one-stop-shop for both buyers and sellers of natural and organically produced products.

Excellence in Project Delivery 

Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion

Capacity: 75,000 cubic metres

Biogas production: 2,500 Nm3/h

Biogas and landfill gas flaring

Capacity: 9,000 Nm3/h

Flare type: Low emission environmental flare

Ammonia recovery from wastewater

Capacity: 2,000 m3/day

Ammonia reduction: 4,500 mg/l to 100 mg/l

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”

—Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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