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Purpose-built Solutions

Organics USA provides bespoke advanced process technology to generate renewable energy and robust engineering solutions for specific pollution control requirements. Our technology has been proven under the most exacting conditions giving our clients the confidence that their operations will meet environmental conditions and, more importantly, ensure environmental protection.

Delivering Bankable Projects

Pollution control projects are important not only for the protection of our environment, but they also have to stack up commercially; a feature that must be built into any project before operations commence. Our projects are carefully assessed for both operational and commercial viability.

Ammonia Extraction of Wastewater

Ammonia Extraction of Wastewater
Ammonia is a by-product of both agriculture and waste management and unless treated can result in significant pollution and harm to the environment. Its control is of paramount importance. Organics has installed ammonia recuperation technology to treat landfill leachate and wastewater from anaerobic digestion plants.

Conversion of a Problem to a Resource

Every day we throw away hundreds of thousands of tons of material that results in an ever-increasing deficit of primary materials. There is no such thing as waste material as everything can be reused. Organics USA has installed many projects using waste emissions, such as biogas to generate energy.

Operational Optimization

Essential in the long-term operation of biogas engines or environmental control equipment is the operation and maintenance by qualified staff using the correct tools for the job. Organics USA ensures that all our engineers and technicians are trained to the highest level; their enthusiasm and commitment is a key factor in our clients’ satisfaction.

Making a Difference

Landfilling of waste material is on its way out. All over the world, measures are being taken to stop environmental degradation. Organics USA deploys cutting-edge technology for many aspects of controlling emissions to the environment from the production of RDF, to the carbonisation of waste material, to the control and use of biogas from both landfill and industrially produced anaerobic digestion of organic material.

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”

—Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Organics is a leading developer IN

Engineering and Environmental protection

“The objective of Organics, put simply, is to act as a force for good. No matter how small the impact, the contribution will be the best that may be achieved in terms of the health of our planet.”

Organics produces quality products for use in renewable energy, environmental protection, and asset creation. Extracting ammonia from wastewater and biogas from anaerobic digestion are key technologies that Organics has successfully promoted in over 500 installations in 21 countries.

Engineering, Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection 

Refuse Derived Fuel

We supply Refuse Derived Fuel to energy-intensive industries by processing municipal waste into a competitively priced alternative to fossil fuel.


Biomass can be converted into useful forms of energy with a wide range of technology and process options.

Organics dot Com

Organic and natural products for personal use. A one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers of naturally produced products.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is beginning to take over. Many countries around the world are now in a position to generate much of their base-load requirements using alternative fuels that do not generate fossil carbon.

Ammonia Extraction

Leachate is a toxic mixture of many elements that are entrained during the passage of water or liquids through waste material. One of the most toxic elements is ammonia that can be treated using our patented system.

Treatment of H2S

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, strongly smelling gas that can be both toxic to human health and corrosive to unprotected machinery.  Organics offers biological treatment options for H2S.

Organics Renewable Energy Project Around the World

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