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Organics will take part in the World’s Leading Water Quality Conference & Exhibition 2019 or WEFFTEC 2019 on September 21-25, 2019, Chicago, USA. Meet us at Booth Number 6848.

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Wastewater Treatment in the USA

The wastewater treatment industry is one of the largest producers of biogas in the US. However, whilst both aerobic and anaerobic systems are used for treatment, there are only about 2,000 plants that treat organic waste using anaerobic digestion; this compared to over 10,000 in Europe. 

Organics Technical Paper Presentation at the European Wastewater Management Conference

Organics took advantage of the opportunity to present a poster that presented our engineering capabilities in the area of thermal ammonia stripping. This patented technology has been successfully employed on several sites to reduce concentrations of ammoniacal nitrogen in wastewater, in particular in landfill leachate and anaerobic digestion systems.

Stripping Ammonia in Anaerobic Digesters

GIVEN its high population density, coupled with the demanding environmental standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Department, it is not surprising that Hong Kong served as the incubator for our process to remove ammonia from wastewater. What has resulted is a novel thermal ammonia stripping technology, which has low operating costs, high standards, and a small footprint.

Since 1997, the technology has been applied to both leachate from landfill sites, as well as the side-stream flows from an anaerobic digester (AD). While highly focused on the needs of Hong Kong, the technology is gaining momentum in other countries, where environmental compliance is a serious issue to address. It is also moving from leachate cleanup applications into AD.

To many engineers not involved with AD, the problems caused by ammonia may come as a surprise. It is well known that ammonia is toxic to fish and humans (sniff that floor cleaner if in doubt), so it should not be unexpected that many bacteria are similarly stressed.

Organics will be presenting a poster at the European Waste Water Management Conference in Birmingham, UK. 

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Organics will be at the Oz Water ’19 exhibition. Come and visit us on Stand N37.

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Dr. Robert Eden

Advanced Thermal Ammonia Removal